Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Drive InnovaCare Health To Higher Rankings

Healthcare provision in the U.S. is a broad area where different private institutions work with the government to offer easy access to healthcare services. The installation of Medicare Advantage offered better services and increased access to new services that are designed to offer users cheaper and quality access to healthcare services. Across all states, one can easily access healthcare services even when they are not members of Medicare Advantage. This growth in the provision of quality services can be attributed to the introduction of new policies to govern healthcare.


With these new provisions, several companies came up to offer healthcare services. InnovaCare Health, which offers managed healthcare services, is one of the few companies that came up after the introduction of the new policies to make healthcare provision easier. The company is among the most established in North America and its services have been attracting people from Puerto Rico and neighboring regions. For more details visit Crunchbase.


With great leadership, InnovaCare Health has managed to grow to its current level to be placed among the best players across the country. Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto are the two professionals whose presence at the company helped to bring changes in the management process, thereby inviting new leadership and better ideas.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

From 2012 onwards, Rick Shinto has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. His leadership has proved reliable because it is during his tenure that InnovaCare Health managed to grow from a struggling level to a strong provider of healthcare services.


He previously served at Aveta Inc., as their CEO and his insight placed the company on a good platform to compete. He works with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InniovaCare Health, to instill new measures and ideas to enhance growth and performance. Penelope also worked with Rick at Avata but he was the deputy of Shinto at the time. For more details visit LinkedIn.


About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a popular healthcare provider based in Puerto Rico that specializes in physician practice services and managed healthcare. The company has been working with users of Medicare Advantage by offering them easy access to plans and healthcare services. InnovaCare Health uses modern technology to improve the provision of services and in this pursuit the company has been able to offer affordable yet quality care. They have been attracting people from the entire North America and the number of Medicare Advantage users has increased from mere 10,000 to over 250,000 within less than 10 years.



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