Rodrigo Terpins and his Career in Off-road Rally Driving

Rodrigo Terpins has always been a big sports aficionado ever since his childhood He says he has tried out dozens of sports and outdoor activities in his lifetime but nothing thrills him the way off-road rally driving does. He became a professional rally driver about twenty years ago.



Nowadays, Rodrigo Terpins is strongly involved in philanthropy, and that has become the primary priority for him. He often participates in rallies on behalf of various philanthropic causes and organizations. Rodrigo Terpins frequently participates in a team with his younger brother who became a professional rally drive a few years after him.



Together the Terpins brothers form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. They both drive a T-rex car which produced by one of their sponsors. Rodrigo Terins and Miche Terpins mostly participate in the Prototype T category for cars, but Rodrigo Terins prefers the category for motorcycles. He says that there is a no bigger thrill for him than doing off-road rally driving on a motor and experiencing the wind, dust, and scenery fly by him or go further away beneath his feet.



The Sertoes Rally is the most anticipated event for both of the brothers. They take part in it almost every single years either together as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team or apart. Out of the two, Michel Terpins is the more prominent enthusiast for the Sertoes Rally. He says that he anticipates the next one the moment the previous one is over. Check out




The Sertoes Rally takes seven days every year to bring together sports enthusiasts from around the country and attract spectators from other countries as well. There is a strong community around the Sertoes Rally. The event puts off-road rally drivers in many different situations as the rally is designed to test their skills behind the wheel. That also includes how alert they are, their decision-making, and stamina behind the wheel.



The stretch is 3 00 km, and it is made to be a challenge. That is what attract both participants and spectators alike. That makes the Sertoes Rally one of the most popular events in the country.


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