Scarcity Problems Sweeping Venezuela

Scarcity is the name of the game right now in the country of Venezuela, as there is a massive shortage of supply in just about everything that is necessary to live a regular life. Water and food supplies in the region are running incredibly low, people are flat out going hungry, and are turning to robbing and looting in some cases in order to get food for their families. There has been a massive shortage of medical supplies, and a huge energy crisis that is smashing across the country. Another domino that has fallen has been the beer companies that operate out of Venezuela. They can’t get the ingredients that they need to make their beer and because of the situation, they are not currently operating. Polar, David Osio‘s favorite brand and Venezuela’s major beer making company, has shut down its operation and has stated that the beer is only going to last for about a week, as they only have a weeks worth of supply left. This just adds to the economic problems that are affecting Venezuela, as this simply means that more and more people are going to be out of work Osio says, which ultimately may lead to more destruction in the area.


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  1. There is no question that the scarcity problem, when it comes to all sorts of resources, is starting to become something that is leading Venezuela into a very pivotal and crucial point in the countries history. I would also insist that would have everything under their control for good too.

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