Screen Employees For Illnesses Before They Become Severe

Having employees who are in excellent health is crucial to the success of a business. The more that the company can do to prevent call-outs and medical leaves, the more productive the establishment will be on a whole.

Life Line Screening offers corporate wellness programs so that businesses can provide their employees with the helping hand that they need to boost their efficiency. The small investment that a company puts into the program is well worth the decrease in illness expenses. The comprehensive program offers some reasonable discount options for businesses who are interested in joining.

The Life Line program offers on-site and off-site screening for some of the most common and problematic illnesses that prevent workers from spending time on the job. Some of the illnesses that the specialists screen for are illnesses such as COPD, diabetes, stroke, prostate cancer, thyroid disease, osteoperosis, congestive heart failure and coronary heart disease. The goal is to pinpoint these issues early so that the persons can get reliable medical assistance and prevent the illnesses from progressing. Such illnesses are prevalent in millions of people, and the program seeks to cut that number down significantly.

Screening is not the only feature that the program offers. Specialists also provide employees with educational information, friendly advice and information on preventative tactics.

All the screenings that Life Line Screening conducts are safe, secure and as non-intrusive as possible. All the physicians who partake in the services are certified by the board to do the jobs that they do. The initial screening gives the doctor a peek at the patient’s overall health. He then helps the patient to come up with a positive solution to stay healthy. When businesses implement the program effectively, attendance and productivity numbers start to skyrocket. Interested persons can start protecting their employees and their businesses by calling 800-274-7876.

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