Securus Defends Itself Against GTL’s Accusations

Securus Technologies recently issued a press statement in reaction to GTL’s accusations towards it. GTL had issued a press release on 7th June 2016 alleging that Securus had profited from unethical business practices. According to Securus, the press release was not only misleading and malicious, but also inaccurate. The company consequently released its own press statement in a bid to counter GTL’s accusations.


The Response


There has been a long-running patent dispute between the two inmate communication firms. The issue is still pending before the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board. In response to GTL’s claims, Securus points out that the litigation approach that its rival used to solve the patent dispute was taken in bad faith. Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith asserts that his company will continue defending itself from GTL’s attacks while affirming its own patents. This is because has a more comprehensive patent portfolio, which is unquestionably superior.


Mr. Smith similarly states that Securus is ready to take part in a bake-off challenge with GTL. Securus has offered to reinstitute this severally. However, its attempts have largely been unsuccessful since GTL has never responded to the firm’s technology challenge. This explains why it has been releasing press statements incessantly in order to tarnish Securus’ reputation in the inmate communications industry.


Securus Technologies in Brief


The firm is one of the most recognizable players in the inmate communications industry. Its products and services are available in more than 3400 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies in North America.


Securus serves more than 1,200,000 inmates. It provides emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, information management, inmate self-service, and communication services to these facilities. Its objective is to make the world safer by connecting what matters. The company recently received accreditation from Better Business Bureau for its exceptional services. Besides this, it acquired JPay Inc. in a deal that will see it digitize payments.


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