Skout Supports Random Acts Of Kindness Week

The news is in, and a survey shows that college kids that were part of Skout’s user population surveyed recently are likely to be involved in random acts of kindness. The survey was published as part of a write up on Uloop’s website, which contains statistical information and suggestions for random acts of kindness (in case you need some inspiration for your acts of kindness). The week long celebration is from February 15th to February 20th, but these random acts of kindness can occur throughout the entirety of the year. The joyous celebration that Skout is promoting with their surveys is meant to inspire kindness and friendship in random places that you might not realize could occur.

Random acts of kindness can generate feelings of appreciation that spread like wildfire. People see what they can do by observing the affects that the random acts have on other people, and they are likely to do these random acts themselves. The idea behind random acts of kindness is to think from your heart and be impulsive when you help others in your life or in your community.

It’s really impressive that college students surveyed for Skout’s recent poll were already admitting that they do random acts of kindness. The statistics of the survey indicate that 51 percent of the 2,700 college students interviewed for the survey were already doing random acts of kindness on a regular, daily basis. Then, another stat indicated that an outstanding high percent, 93 percent have done something random and kind for a stranger in the past.

The article from Uloop also shows how the users that were surveyed rank random acts of kindness. The top random act of kindness on the ranking was to pay for someone else’s coffee of food in a drive through. There are a bunch of other very kind and compelling acts on the list, so be sure to check it out if you need inspiration. Skout is an online dating and social media website that is helping link people all over the world. Join Skout in their support for random acts of kindness. You can view the article from Uloop for more information about Skout by going here.

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