OSI Group is a Top Company

When it comes to the food industry, there are few companies as large, innovative, or customer oriented as OSI Group. They stand as one of the largest privately owned companies in the food processing arena and offer a large line of foods and other services such as research and development. The story of OSI Group starts back in 1909 when a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started a small meat market and butcher shop with his family. Through hard work and dedication, Otto and his sons were able to build up their business model leading to a deal with Ray Kroc of the fledgling McDonald’s corporation in 1955 to be their sole supplier of hamburger meat. As McDonald’s grew so did OSI Group and they began gaining new longterm customers throughout the United States. In 1975 Sheldon Levin took over as CEO and from there OSI Group has been rocketing to the top of the food industry and earned a well-deserved position on the list of top 100 American companies in the food industry.

OSI Group’s success can be traced to its core values of dedication to their customers and commitment to their employees. When it comes to customers, OSI Group is interested in developing long-term relationships where both companies can learn and grow together. This is what the McDonald’s relationship represents, and is the model OSI Group has come to rely on. In fostering such relationships, OSI Group has not only to be a consistent and effective supplier of food products but also has to cater the products to their customer’s unique needs. In following this train of thought, they have developed a research and development department that works with customers from the conception of a unique dish or sales item, to sorting out the production process in a qualitative yet cost-effective manner, and even figuring out how best to package and ship the product. From beginning to end OSI works tirelessly to satisfy their customers.

Not only are they great to their customers, they are also great to their own employees. There is a family-centered feel to the company that trickles down from the top to all levels. OSI has been awarded numerous times for workplace safety and takes good care of any and all employee issues that might arise. This commitment to employee wellbeing engenders a trusting relationship between employees and company that lasts through generations.