The Charitable Activities of Dick DeVos and his Wife Betsy

Betsy DeVos along with her husband have made significant contributions to their community over the years. Dick DeVos’ wife Betsy has participated in a number of charitable activities pertaining to education. Over the last several years, she has pushed for education reform which would help make education more affordable for students. She has looked to have public funding provided for private education. With this program, students will have the funds they need in order to finance the education they want. This contribution has helped allow a number of young people get the knowledge and skills they need in order to reach their potential.


Dick DeVos is one of the most successful businesspeople in the United States. As a result of his high level of financial success, he has used his wealth to help make the community a better place. During his lifetime, Dick has provided funding for a number of causes such as education, art and business development. These contributions have helped many people and organizations get what they need in order to become successful.


One of the main causes that DeVos has made contributions toward is education. Similar to his wife, he has helped provide funds to a number of students to help them get the education that they seek. While his wife has provided contributions towards general education, Dick has provided funding for business school. Each year, Dick provides funds in the form of scholarships to help people pursue a master’s degree in business administration. His contributions have helped many people acquire the knowledge they need in order to attain employment positions in upper level management.


Another one of DeVos’ charitable activities has been in business development. On an annual basis, Dick has provided funds to a number of individuals and companies seeking to grow their business. He has provided funds for businesses to get the resources necessary to operate as well as expand. Dick has helped numerous businesses acquire inventory, equipment, and real estate so that they can make their businesses successful.


Over his lifetime, Dick DeVos has also made contributions towards performing arts. Each year, he provides funds to a number of arts organizations. These contributions help instill professional development for managers as well as expanding the various programs. Dick has helped these organizations provide quality entertainment to many people throughout the local community. With all of his contributions, Dick DeVos has been able to use his generosity to help provide a very positive influence on various communities throughout Michigan and the United State.

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