The History Of End Citizens United

Campaign finance law is absolutely ridiculous. Corporations are allowed to make direct donations to a candidate’s coffers in very small amounts. Otherwise, corporations are able to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the election through the use of PAC’s. It’s an absurd loophole that was created by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

The decision earned the name because it’s the name of the plaintiff. Citizens United is an extreme right-wing political action committee. They tried to air a propaganda film during the 2008 election cycle that slammed Hillary Clinton. The FEC refused to air the film and demanded to know the financers of the fake documentary. Citizens United fought back saying that they should not have to disclose the financers and that they should have the right to air fake news.

The FEC held fast and another federal court also said no. Then the long arm of the law reached down into obscurity to elevate the case to the Supreme Court. The decision was earth-shattering. In a contentious decision, five conservative Supreme Court justices laid down ridiculous case law. It can be summarized like this. Corporations are individual American citizens with constitutional protections so spending cannot be limited because it’s an expression of speech. View the group’s profile on

However, corporations still have to play by the rules. Corporations are still limited in direct donations but can funnel dark money through political action committees. That means you may not know which corporation is swaying the election in which direction.

End Citizens United is here to fight against everything that has poured out of this incredibly stupid decision. They were formed a few years after the decision was made and have been fighting against it ever since. End Citizens United believes in one vote for one person. The group has a plan to completely destroy the decision.

End Citizens United will end Citizens United with a multi-tiered plan. They carefully select Democratic candidates to endorse, use their grassroots fundraising to help those candidates and will eventually help those candidates pass a law reversing the decision. The group is currently in Texas backing Beto O’Rourke.



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