The Life of CCMP CEO Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray was an American citizen born on 2nd August 1962 and raised in New York City in Westchester County. He married Tami A. Murray and had four sons. Murray graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics at Boston College on in 1984 and later earned a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989.

Murray was hired in 1984 as a trainee through the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Corporation analyst training program. He later became part of MH Equity Corporation; a combination of Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group with leveraged finance unit. In 1991, MH Equity merged with Chemical Venture Partners, which later became Chase Capital Partners. He worked with the Chase Capital Partners until its name changed to JPMorgan Partners after J.P. Morgan purchased it.

He became head of buyout business at JPMorgan Partners in 2005 and co-founded CCMP Capital. Murray became the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP in 2007 succeeding the founder Jeff Walker. During his time as the CCMP CEO, Murray served on the board of other companies such as Aramark, Generac Power System, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods and Legacy Hospital Partners.

He was also a member of the chair’s council of Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He also supported the Food Bank of Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School.

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Stephen Murray died on 12th March 2015 at the age of 52, just one month after resigning from his work as CCPM CEO citing health-related conditions. Some of his last board membership included CCMP CEO and a board member of Crestcom International, Infogroup Increment, Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargains Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holding.

Murray was well known for his commitment and dedication. During his time, the firm started up high-end investments such as Aramark Company. The firm also gained successful bids for its publicly traded company, Warmer Chilcott. The CCMP firm outbid TPG Capital, KKR and Blackstone Group LP. KKR & Co., who were so irritated by the defeat and even threatened to stop doing business with CCMP if it did not stop competing with them. The firm was also able to raise 3.6 billion funds, invested up to $100 million and posted up to $ 500 million on equity per transaction.

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  1. As a philanthropist, Murray offered his support and served as a vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. The CCMP firm owned much of its success to him. It is very debatable that do have much from CCMP that could also lead them astray.

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