The Mighty Fortress Church is Open to All

The Mighty Fortress Church has a mission and a vision. Its vision is to offer a completely welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all those who come to gather and worship the Lord. Its senior bishop, Thomas Williams has been preaching to the Lord’s flock for over 30 years and is passionate about the work that he does.

He is not about putting on a show every Sunday, but he offers a message of Faith and stresses the importance of daily scripture study and worship services. He has a vision to spread the Word of the Lord to all corners of the world, and he is the founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. It includes outreach ministries and support groups to help those that feel lost and dejected. He believes that there are great treasures to be had if we just open up and listen. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at


If we are receptive, we will be able to gain the many blessings that the Lord has to offer. Bishop Thomas Williams, the founder of the Mighty Fortress Church, brings a message of hope and faith and believes in the great power of the word of God. The Bishop places great value on the power of the Word of God and encourages everyone to seek out the Savior.

The Mighty Fortress Church has its doors open to all who wish to come and serve the Lord. It is not judgmental or negative but rather offers support and acceptance. It is a place where you can just come as you are and feel free to express your love and worship for the Lord openly.

The Mighty Fortress Church has a band, choir, and worship team that invites the Holy Spirit to linger amongst the worship services that it holds. The Fortress does not judge and upholds important and Christ-like values such as the importance of grace and truth, staying connected as a family, and being Kingdom-focused. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

At the Fortress, it is believed that God is the creator of all things and is all-powerful. It is also believed that Jesus Christ is the Savoir and that the Bible contains the word of God. Baptism is the only way to Heaven and communion is a symbolic action that represents the death of Jesus Christ, his purpose, and his power.

It is the vision of the Fortress to spread the Word of God throughout the world and to treat everyone with respect and love. Its primary focus is on preparing believers for their purpose here on earth and to raise people worthy of His work. The Fortress is striving to become a global voice and to urge all believers to live a Christ-centered life each and every day.


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