The Popularity of Freedom Pop Goes Global

FreedomPop is offering 100 percent free internet and mobile phone service, as long as the area you live in has the service. There are absolutely no gimmicks and no contracts to hassle with. FreedomPop charges close to $20 a month for unlimited talk, a text plan, and a 1GB data plan. Basic plans and limited service make the plan free. This limited service includes free 4G LTE data, 200 minutes of calling, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data. The 200MG of data is the same as 100 web pages. People who refer their friends and family will get free 4G LTE data service for that month. For as little as $5 a month, people have access to FreedomPop’s wifi services. Freedom Pop was publicly released in October 2012, although discovered in 2011, by Stephen Stokols, who serves as their CEO, with the help of Steven Sesar. Stokols was inspired to create Freedom Pop when he worked for BT Mobile. FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles. Nicholas Constantinopoulos is the president of Freedom Pop International.

Nicholas Constantinopoulos was recently interviewed on Mobile World Live. Kavit Majithia interviewed Constantinopoulos who announced a $50 million funding for other parts of the world. The United Kingdom was a test launch in September 2015 that went very well. To prepare for the test launch, Constantinopoulos had obtained data from people in the United States who were already customers. This prompted 250,000 UK customers to sign up for the waiting list as early as September 22, 2015. He is hoping to launch internet and mobile phone services in places like Asia, Africa and Latin America this year. The United Kingdom has joined a partnership with KPN, a Dutch carrier that will supply FreedomPop service to European countries such as UK, Germany, France, Spain,and others. The United Kingdom was at first suspicious of the free deals that FreedomPop offers.

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