The Principle Of Trabuco, The War Machine

Trabuco also referred to as balancing Trabuco is a war machine that uses the principle of a catapult that was used by soldiers during the medieval era. During this time, soldiers would use the Trabuco to crash masonry walls and to fire projectiles over them. Several other weapons use the same purpose as the Trabuco, and therefore to differentiate this one from the rest, the name balancing would be used, therefore, balancing Trabuco. Also, shotguns and revolvers are sometimes referred to as Trabuco in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and France.

During the 400 DC, the Chinese were launching attacks among themselves, and this would be then a very critical weapon. Mongols, which is an indigenous group that dwelled in China between 1000-1300 are on record as a group that used the weapon the most here, by using it to attack their neighbors the Fancheng and Xiangyang. It did not take long before the machine was adopted in Europe between 500 and 600 DC. At this time, no weapon was superior to the Trabuco, and it reigned supreme up until gunpowder was discovered.

The Trabuco would later find its way into the Middle East as well as Europe thanks to the Persian engineers and the Byzantine Empire respectively. In Europe, the weapon was first tried by the empires in Northern Germany, sparking its popularity to nearby countries like France, Italy, Portugal, and England.

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The tensile and hybrid Trabuco are the two types/forms of Trabuco. Tensile is operated by humans, who pull the short ends in synchrony. They can hurl weights of up to 140 pounds a distance of 80 meters and can make four shots every minute. On the other hand, the hybrid Trabuco hurls up to 400 pounds a distance of 300m. Arabs in the Middle East used them to fight the Egyptians.

According to, the weapon will work effectively when you place one end of the string on the hook then mount the projectile. A counterweight is then used to balance the system. Then the Trabuco is held for balance, and then the counterweight is released. There will be a sudden acceleration that will cause the projectile to rotate to back into the sling, causing one of the tips of the hook thus powering the projectile forward.

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