Thor Halvorrsen’s Fight For Justice

The fight against poverty does not end when an individual brings a meal to a homeless person. It does not end when justice is done against a fugitive. The conditions that caused this problem in the first place are still present. If an individual wants to fight against homelessness, starvation, or injustice, they need to address the conditions and the core of the problem. Thor Halvorrsen believes that it should start by addressing the government. Systems of government, such as capitalism and socialism, are not abstract thought experiments. They have true consequences. Having seen many of these consequences first hand in his native home of Venezuela, Halvorrsen has several reasons that he is adamantly opposed to socialism.11)

The Tax Rates Are Too High

When the government begins talking about several free benefits that the people are entitled to, what they are not telling them is that these benefits are not truly free. The government is essentially taking their money and purchasing something for them at an outrageously high price. It really is the ultimate sales pitch. If a manufacturer sold the product at these prices, the people would be appalled. But when the government says that it is free, the people gleefully oblige – until they are taxed into oblivion.

A Socialist Government Does Not Trust Its’ Own People

Often promising benefits for the poor, a socialistic government would be sending a powerful message to its’ people. They are not very charitable. They are not kind-hearted enough to donate money to the poor. They are not responsible enough to save their money so that they can give it away of their own will. The only way to help the poor is to take money from them by force. Halvorrsen finds this message disturbing. Rather than telling the people of the governmental benefits for the poor, they should be proclaiming the need for the average citizen to donate freely and provide resources for those in need.

These are but two of a host of problems that Halvorrsen has with a socialistic regime. A government that benefits its’ people is a government that trusts its’ people.

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