Arthur Becker is a major leader in Madison Partners; a firm that is interested in real estate investment and ventures in bio-technology. His actual position in Madison is managing partner. Before he joined Madison, Becker worked for Zinio as CEO and chairman. Zinio is the biggest newsstand in the world. He has also worked for NaviSite and Vera Wang fashion. After Timer Warner acquired NaviSite, Becker has invested privately in technology and real estate.

The idea of establishing Madison Partners was developing an interest in real estate and technology investment. Becker was excited and attracted to how technology evolves and transforms. In additions to this, he realized that it came with economic activities, which could save people’s lives.

Today, Arthur Becker does not have a scheduled work day for meetings and conference calls. His work day is flexible and currently managing completion of some houses in New York. Soon after, Becker will be overseeing the construction of condominiums in Tribeca. Becker is inspired by people he respects work mates. His most inspired times is when he is managing a real estate project. Coordinating and planning how other experts will do their work is Becker’s greatest strength.

However much Arthur Becker enjoys his career, there are several challenges that he faces. The biggest test he has to deal with is regulating his passion and thinking critically. During his past years, Becker had tried many other business ideas but they did not succeed. Since Madison Partners began, Becker and other leaders have confronted many difficult situations and conquered them. The major element of success was to establish how to make operations effective in the business.

According to Curbed, Arthur Becker agrees that no particular strategy is an all-round solution for every business. Each entrepreneur has to understand his or her business and learn what will work. Practical operations may not always be effective. They need to be evaluated and revised if it is needed. For example, biotechnology is a field that is changing rapidly.

Becker and his fellow pioneers have to keep adjusting to the advancing technology. This is how other entrepreneurs should be conversant with the emerging and current affairs of their businesses. Business owners should always seek new talent to add to their workforce. Visit

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