Todd Lubar: An Established Business and Family Man

Striking the balance of success as a family man and as a very successful businessman has not been a problem with Todd Lubar. He is a well-organized man who spends time with his children and still strategically manages his company, TDL Global Ventures, where he is the CEO. Todd was lucky to have access to good education because he studied at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, and later proceeded to the Peddie School Hightstown where he worked tirelessly to see himself secure a place in one of the then prestigious universities, Syracuse University, reveals About.Me. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC, a firm that is committed to availing capital for startup companies. TDL is a venture that Todd has made a success using his vast experience in the entrepreneurial world and the exposure he got while employed in different firms.

Todd’s eventual destiny as a mortgage businessman and capital provider got its roots from the very first job he did immediately after college. Some of the featured skills and endorsements on his Tumblr profile include marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising.  He worked for 4 years with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and after the four years moved to work with Legacy Financial Group, where he worked for several years. He acquired knowledge and exposure at Legacy Financial, which he never knew would one day see him as a successful man in business. Todd also worked with Charter Funding Organization before venturing into his own business. This exposure of how the mortgage companies work as well as the financial market made him create real networks that would later help him in his venture. He also worked in the real estate business as well as the demolition business, all this giving him an upper hand concerning experience and knowledge of all the factors that affect the mortgage business at large.

After having a good network with various people in the business world, Todd opened Charter Funding as an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is one of the most successful companies in America. This move made the company grow steadily due to access of all the needed products. Todd later opened Legendary Financial LLC, a company that provides finances to the people who cannot access loans from banks as well as small businesses that are in need of funds.


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