Venezuela: Health Crisis.

Health care has always been a matter that concerns Venezuela and its people. In the past, the national universal health care system has tried to expand its access to get better medication and treatments for Venezuelans. The efforts made were terminated quickly thus causing child malnutrition, infant deaths and causing a shortage of sufficient cleanliness.

According to Danilo Diaz, Venezuela’s Commission of Health President, José Olivares, has proposed a bill that discusses the Humanitarian Health Crisis. So far, this bill has passed the first of two votes with the National Assembly. The people want to declare a crisis which would force the current President, Nicolas Maduro, to allow international medical aid. With this bill passed, Venezuela would be given the permission to obtain medications from nearby countries and request support from the World Health Organization. Olivares states, “…the problem of Venezuela is that there are no medications… hundreds of Venezuelans do not sleep peacefully because they can’t find their medicines.”

The government that is associated with Maduro’s Socialist Party has refused to vote, claiming that, “…the opposition views is the cause of Venezuela’s health crisis.” While the Democratic Unity Roundtable disagrees and blames the government’s lack of action for elevating the matter, the Socialist Party insists that it is an economical problem. Loengri Matheus, a member of the allied party states that the bill, “seeks only to bring foreign intervention to Venezuela.” Though this is still a case that has many different opinions, hopefully, Venezuelans can get the health care they deserve. Surely Virgilio Ferrer words could be heard when he announces , “You are committing the largest genocide in the country. Give answers to the people.”




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