WEN by Chaz: Tried and True

There was an online article on Bustle.com recently that reviewed WEN by Chaz. This company has several good hair care products. One of them is their 3-in-One shampoo. It combines shampoo, conditioner, and styling in one product. There is a formula for fine hair, which the author has.


The author did a one-week trial on the fig-infused WEN by Chaz for fine hair. She showed her very first picture before trying the product. It was dry and fly-away, she says. According to her, she has always had this problem with her fine hair. After she read about the Sephora endorsed WEN by Chaz, she decided it was worth a try.


The thing that really surprised her was the amount of product that was recommended for each shampoo. She was used to applying about a teaspoon of her regular product. WEN by Chaz recommended ten pumps of the product. The author tried it and said that it made her hair and scalp feel really good.


After the first shampoo, she reports that her hair had more volume and lift. She really liked how it looked. The results were positive for the author. She said that since her hair tended to be greasy in the past, it was best to shampoo daily. Her hair was more manageable and easier to style, she says. On day seven, she got a compliment on how pretty her hair was.


WEN by Chaz was developed for all hair types and lengths. There are formulas that are right for anyone. The author was so pleased with the results, she decided to use WEN by Chaz as her regular hair care product.


I have curly hair and often have problems with frizz. I tried a WEN by Chaz formula and was amazed at how well it did. I am impressed and will definitely keep WEN by Chaz as my go-to hair product. Learn more about Wen, visit their YouTube channel.





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